Denver by Night

A Nice Time at Night

Players – Ken, Eric, Aiden, Braeden, Ethan, Brian and David (GM)

Since it has been a couple of months – we take some time to tweak the characters we are playing. We review the episodes since the beginning and start from the last session.


The cell phone rings (Murph), Mr. Crowley calls to bring us to “the Gothic” in an hour to discuss our status. We round out the area and gather our things. We load up and head to the bar, getting our stuff together.

We arrive at the “Gothic” in two cars ( Durango – Freya; Dart – Len). We secure our gear and then go into the bar to the second floor and secure a small private table. Freya orders a round of drinks and ensures the folks in the table leave to give us some peace. Freya spends two benjamins to make sure they have space and drinks.

As we get seated, Freya orders a martini and checks the area around the table to see what is going on around us. As we look over, we notice Stanislava sitting by herself; Angus the Unruled is also in the area; there are also two other vampires off of the floor to the side. The doormats are by the door protecting the area to the left.

The waitress comes by to take our order, though only Freya orders a drink. Murph and Eli head to the door and identify themselves as meeting Mr. Crowley. They are led to the back room, an extension of the bar (with supposed vamps around). Murph and Eli sit down and talk with the “Sheriff” and get a couple glasses of the “House” red.

Mr. Crowley wants Murph to report not only to Miranda, but to him as well so that he can inform “Emerson”. Murph talks with the Sheriff and discusses the previous days activities. As far as Murph is able to tell, he is really discussing things with the Sheriff, to make sure we are not disclosing information.

Murph and Eli slam their drinks and then return to the group.

In the meantime, Freya gives her fruit to Len and then walks over Stanislava. Freya talks with Stanislava, playing cards and just talking about the local area. Freya notices while she is playing cards, Stanislava is using sleight of hand to change the cards to her favor, but there is a pattern.

When Murph and Eli return to the table, they talk with Len, Kai, and Leo. Freya joins them and we discuss what our next move will be. After lengthly discussion, we decide to go talk with Ms. Amisa. We head to her place and disembark close to her place. It is a more industrial complex area, a bit more run down. Leo and Murph head to warehouse to scout it out. They notice 5 cars in the parking lot – Dre, Amisa, and four/five others are sitting together talking. There are only a few folks hanging around – but they do not seem to be doing anything specific.

Leo heads back to the car – lets the group know that Dre is here at the location. Leo heads to the back of the warehouse to find there are “blue” barrels that have a powder in them, in which the folks in the warehouse are working to put them into smaller containers (baggies and such). Leo heads close to the window and watches the area. Len comes close to the door and uses Auspex to hear through the door. Discussions include Miranda and her children. “Aims = Serpent of the light” – in which Princes really do not like them in their cities due to the negative. Dre is talking to Amisa on all of Miranda’s children, locations, haven’s, and other general information.

Amisa’s phone rings – and once complete with the phone call – orders one of her boys to walk the perimeter. Those folks around the building hid a bit, to ensure they are not detected. The trooper takes a walk around, but does not find anyone.

As time continues, it gets to the point where we need to go to ground – we decide to leave. Murph, since he can stay in the ground, he stays to listen to the conversations. After most of us have left the area, Amisa receives another phone call and asks for the location of the other two…. where he is sure they can find Kai, and everyone is aware of who is the hunter and the hunted.

The main extent of the mission is to find us and so we are all on our guard. We each stay in a different area so it is going to be more difficult.

Upon the waking of Murph and Freya, they receive calls notifying them of alarms going off in their houses. The alarm went off in their respective houses shortly after sunset. They both send assistance to their houses. We all feed and make our ways to the bar where we meet.

Freya and Eli arrive first to find a dozen folks standing around Leo’s car which was left at the bar. One after another we all show up and see the bad guys. Murph flies in as a bat and notices two additional men on buildings across the way from Leo’s car – both have sniper rifles. We quickly plan the counter-ambush: Murph and Leo will take out the snipers while Freya distracts the dozen. A man pops out in front of Freya and exclaims: “Finally” and draws a knife. “You’ve pissed off Amisa.”

Murph draws his claws (heh that rhymed… oops sorry I’m not Malkavian) and rips the human sniper in two. Murph stabs the other human sniper in the heart and kills it. Freya commands the knife-wielding man to sleep. He yawns and slumps, but manages to ignore the command. His skin becomes that of a snake as he successfully attacks Freya. Len swings his car into the parking lane side ways. He jumps out the door and shoots a human thug. It dies. Five thugs and a vampire train their submachine guns on Len and open fire. Len manages to evade the barrage, but his car is peppered with holes. Eli draws a knife and attacks the vampire going against Freya with aggravated damage dealing a devastating blow. Kai runs up to the commotion, ripping a street light out of the ground as he comes. He swings and hits sending two cultist flying. Then Kai moving with blinding speed draws his short sword and attacks the vampire going against Freya. The vampire shrugs off the hit. Then Kai accepts the failed attempt and turns on the last human thug against Freya. The attack slices him in half. A vampire standing by Leo’s car turns to Kai and upchucks the contents of his stomach in a projectile vomit. Kai dodges both his attack and his buddy vampire’s. Three of the original baddies fighting Len opened fire again hitting him this time. Eli is almost snake charmed but breaks the attack. Leo takes the rifle from the dead human and takes out two thugs on the ground. Murph takes out an additional two from the opposite side. Kai slashes through both of the remaining human thugs then turns on the vampires. He slices the Assamite vampire standing by the car. The Assamite falls to the ground bleeding from many slices in his body. Freya commands the Gangrel to sleep. He lowers himself to the ground to sleep. Eli pounces on the bleeding Assamite and begins to diablerize. Len runs at the Serpent attacking Freya. Yells: “You turned my car to cheese!” but misses with his dagger. Then the battle ends

We toss the sleeping Gangrel and the battered Serpent into Freya’s car to drive to her house. Freya talks to the police and sends them away as nothing was taken. We bring our captives in and interrogate. The gangrel reveals Chester Dubois, a Nosferatu, sent the ambush. He does not know who Amisa is but he has heard of her. Chester called for them from out of Denver. They were sent to kill our group. Chester brought them in to protect something – a Nosferatu – the Beast. It can be found at Four Mile Historic Park. There are three more vampires in his group and sixteen blood guard. They don’t know much about the Beast. Every other night, they are told to stay away from Four Mile Historic Park so it may hunt. He doesn’t know why the Beast is here now. Kai diablerizes the Gangrel once we finish with him.

Len gets inside the Serpent’s head and admires the empty spaces. He then asks a bunch of questions. Most of his responses are similar. He does detail that Chester knows the location of three of our havens.

Thus the night ends.



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