Sebastian "Murph" Murphy

Soldier seeking his destiny


Apartment in Wash Park.


A soldier in the first world war, Murph was a demolitions expert and hand to hand combat instructor. After suffering a lethal wound in the trenches, he was being transprorted to a local hospital under cover of darkness. Murph remembers a nurse trying to sooth him, telling him he was needed for a much larger, more important battle to come. With that, she bit him, and he lost consciousness.

He awoke some time later in a ditch at the side of the road. The military ambulance had crashed, and Murphy found the driver dead, drained of blood. He wandered for years over the European countryside, at first trying to figure out what he was, then who he had to thank (or curse) for it.

Eventually he managed to re-insert himself into society, and even build a successful career or two. He never ceased looking for his benefactor. He came close to finding her several times, but she proved elusive and he never quite caught up to her. Each time he would find only a note, saying “You were chosen for the most important fight”.

Murphy returned home to the United States in the early 70’s, following the trail of his creator, but always a few steps behind. He has taken many jobs, but almost always finds it most convenient to work in the military, police, security, or private investigator fields. He has done investigation work for a few highly placed vampire ruling class, and is somewhat well known for this in some circles.

He has lived in many cities in the US, and currently resides in Denver.

Sebastian "Murph" Murphy

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