Kagamine Len

Servant of Evil


Len (Kagamine Len)
Malkavian 10th Generation

Physical d8, Social d8, Mental d10

Drive d8 (cars)
Empathy d10
Fight d10
Focus d10
Notice d6
Shoot d6
Sneak d8
Subterfuge d8

Soldier – Bodyguard


Auspex: Heightened Senses d6, Aura Perception d4
Dementation: Passion d8, The Haunting d4, Eyes of Chaos d6
Obfuscate: Cloak of Shadows d4, Unseen Presence d6

Generation d8, Resources d6

d8 – Dodge Dart: Black with a single blue stripe on the hood.

Episode 1: Unspent


Kagamine Rin grew up privileged with loving parents, servants at her beck and call and a luxurious home at 11313 Quivas way Denver. She and her favorite servant, Len, seemed to be mirror images of similar size and build with blonde hair and green eyes. Both were the same age. Len was an orphan that Rin’s family was taking care of. Len spoiled her rotten, anything her parents wouldn’t get her, Len would. He was and is to this day absolutely devoted to her.

Disaster struck in 2004 when Rin and Len were 14, Rin’s parents were murdered by muggers in the dead of night, their murderers were never apprehended. The estate was left to Rin and the servants would act as guardians for the girl until she became of age.

In the year 2014, Rin and Len are now 24, much happens. Rin falls in love with a man with blue hair named Kaito. He however does not return the feeling, he loves a woman with long green hair named Miku. Jealous of Miku, Rin wishes her dead and asks Len to kill Miku. Len complies even though he too loved Miku who he ran into while trying to convince Kaito of Rin’s virtues. Miku dies by Len’s hand and something inside Len breaks. When Kaito finds out she died and who did it he calls upon a friend to take out RIn. Len knowing what was coming disguises himself as RIn and Rin as himself. Rin takes flight and Len stayed to face the wrath of Kaito. Kaito’s friend was the “Woman of Red” and she was a Malkavian. Karani the "Woman of Red saw through the ruse but admired Len’s devotion so she turned Len and told Kaito that RIn was dead.

RIn is now hiding out in an apartment at 817 17th street and works as a waitress at The Capital Grille. Karani looks out for Len from time to time but they do not see each other often. Len’s haven is an apartment at 8965 E. Florida Avenue. He still keeps tabs on Rin but doesn’t dare reveal himself.

– Protecting Rin
– Discovering how to achieve anti-gravity
– Preventing Disney and the Illuminati from taking over the world

Hated Enemies:
– Mickey Ears
– Triangles

Kagamine Len

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