Alex Pettyfur Asher (SAMPLE PC)

Charismatic Malkavian


Asher (Alex Pettyfur Asher)
Malkavian 8th Generation

Physical d6, Social d12, Mental d8

Empathy d12, Focus d6, Influence d6, Know d6 (Streetwise, Medicine), Occult d6, Performance d10, Sneak d10, Subterfuge d6

Professional – Pharmacist


Auspex: Heightened Senses d8, Aura Perception d8, The Spirits Touch d8
Dementation: Passion d4, The Haunting d4, Eyes of Chaos d4, Voice of Madness d4, Total Insanity d6
Fortitude: d10
Obfuscate: Cloak of Shadows d8, Unseen Presence d8, Mask of a Thousand Faces d8
Presence: Awe d8, Dread Gaze d4, Entrancement d8

Generation d8, Resources d12, Retainer d4

d8 – Grenades: amazingly Asher seems to pull a grenade out of thin air. he has them jammed in every possible place, including his friend’s pockets.
d8 – Pistol: Mainly there for show. Sometimes he uses it.

Episode 1 + 2 – Obfuscate: Cloak of Shadows d4 to d6, Unseen Presence d4 to d6, Mask of a Thousand Faces d4 to d6
Diablerie – Generation to 9th, Dementation: Voice of Madness d4, Total Insanity d6
Episode 3 + 4 – Fortitude d4
Episode 5 + 6 – Fortitude d6
Diablerie – Generation to 8th, Auspex: Heightened Senses d4 to d6, Aura Perception d4 to d6, The Spirit’s Touch d4 to d6
Episode 7 + 8, Obfuscate: Cloak of Shadows d6 to d8, Unseen Presence d6 to d8, Mask of a Thousand Faces d6 to d8
Episode 9 + 10, Fortitude d8
Episode 11 + 12, Fortitude d10
Episode 13 + 14, Presence: Awe d4, Dread Gaze d4, Entrancement d4
Episode 15 + 16, Presence: Awe d4 to d8
Episode 17 + 18, Presence: Entrancement d4 to d8
Episode 19 + 20, Auspex: Heightened Senses d6 to d8, Aura Perception d6 to d8, The Spirit’s Touch d6 to d8


Alex Pettyfur Asher (SAMPLE PC)

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