Denver by Night

In the Living room...

It is 0500hrs local – we just finished taking out some bad guys. Amisa was following us. She disappeared once we took out all of her henchmen. All of our folks head to their havens and head to bed. Sleep, glorious sleep.

As the sun heads down and we wake, once we eat, we head to the bar to meet up. As we discuss what has happened previously, we decide to go to Delila Easton’s house to investigate her murder. She lives at 520 S. Poplar Way, Denver 80224. We pile into a couple of cars and head to her house.

The haven is a large house, very dark and well shaped lawns. The walls and gates are in place. No guards, but there are cameras and such/basic security standards. We deploy a drone to overlook the area. Murph turns into mist form and flows over the fence. The drone and Murph discover that the door and frame for the front door is broken apart. Freya sends the drone to overwatch. Leo and Murph head inside to investigate. Len and Eli hangs with Freya, while Kai heads to the top of the house.

As Leo and Murph enter the house, they notice that there is pervasive blood splatter and the floor joists are buckled due to excessive weight. A quick check, shows the house is empty, the bodies have already been removed. Freya placed the drone on hover with movement/IR indicators, tied to mobile. Freya and the other folks move toward the house.

Len and Murph attempt to focus and use spiritual acumen to find out the full story about what occurred. Freya goes through documenting the area and taking pictures and basic CSI type stuff. Len uses SPIRIT TOUCH and tries to find out what the PSYCHIC Impression on what occurred. Len senses that “Delilah” and approximately 10 other folks were killed/diablerized. There was another sense of someone there outside of the grouping. His EYE of CHAOS reveals fear and a strong non-natural situation.

Kai and Murph head upstairs to check things out. The rest of the house seems like it is still in ok shape. Freya and Leo, look at everything around the entryway. Murph is called back and with Freya’s help, they take images and upload them to the computer, scanning the internet, there are some hits from Boston and Chicago, circa 1500, though nothing currently.

The rest of the house is pretty straight forward – no main areas of interest. Murph continues following the footprints, with Kai and Eli behind him. Murph transitions into wolf form so that he can gain a better impression of the house. Leo and Freya work on the Security system and gain the name/company of the security system (Front Range Security – based out of Firestone, CO).

Murph is able to track the scent toward George Washington High School. The track disappears and Murph loses the scent. Murph, Kai, and Eli return to the house. Leo, Freya, and Len finish up at the house and bring the equipment back to the Durango. Len takes his car and picks up Murph, Eli, and Kai, while Leo and Freya follow to the next location.

1300 S Steele Street, Denver, 80210 – The Arch Diocese Haven, Gideon Fontaine’s place. The location has the lights on and that there appears to be people within the property. Freya parks and sends up the drone. Murph checks the doors and finds that they are locked. Someone watches from a pulled back curtain in the welcome center. A man of the cloth opens the door for Murph and a concealed Leo. They inquire about Gideon and are told to follow the priest. A man named Sir Walter Nash meets with them and they talk about Gideon. Sir Nash discloses the story: the priests heard a inhuman howl and saw a quick flash then Gideon was destroyed, turned to ash. Murph in animal form found big tracks heading to and from George Washington high school in the north. Murph lets drop that another incident occurred. Sir Walter Nash who had not heard attempts to intimidate Murph for information. Frustrated at the lack of information gained Sir Nash tells us to leave his grounds.

We pile into cars and drive to George Washington high school where Murph changes to wolf form and sniffs around. At this point the entire group hears howling further north. We all rush to the cars to go north. As we drive wolfy Murphy sniffs the air, Freya’s drone scans and Len walks/flies around in astral form. The drone picks up still images of the Beast. We determine he is heading for a house. Len spirit walks into the house and sees the Beast break in the door to find a humanoid on his back in the entry way. Len uses Eyes of Chaos on the Beast and discovers the Beast is old, vampiric and HUNGRY! Murph switches out of vampire form and shoots the Beast as he runs up to the house. The Beast is drawn out onto the front lawn to face Murph. Leo drops cloak of shadows and hamstrings the Beast with his knife. Staring into The Beast’s eyes, Murph attempts to quell the beast with assistance from Len using passion to nullify the Beast’s emotions. Kai skirts around the combat to get inside the house. The Beast becomes extremely confused, looking for a target, when one cannot be found it dashes south using celerity. Len tries to follow the Beast astrally but loses the Beast.

The vampire in the house is Ranjan Rishi who was almost entirely drained of blood and seems out of it as if drugged. We presence someone to come feed the vampire as Leo sends an update to Miranda’s phone boy. Ranjan comes around extremely disoriented. He spins his short tale. The last thing he remembers was going out to hunt. He says that he owes us much before heading out in several SUV’s.

Thus the session ends.



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