Denver by Night

Following the sneaky Dre

Dr. Dre

After a bending in space and time our party grew by two and lost one!
DLash: GM
DBay: John – Losombra
Eric: Sebastian “Murph” Murphy – Gangrel
Ethan: Ammon Kadir Osiris – Assimite
Brian: Freya – Ventrue
Braeden: Kagamine Len – Malkavian

Freya whips out her fancy smancy flying robot and scopes out the perimeter. John makes his swirly eyes mesmerize the pothead on the porch. We compare the strength of our fists while waiting for zombie eyed pothead to return. Yes the notes are being taken. ANd eggs remain closed… Which reminds me of a Riddle… Dre – NPC was angrily arguing on the phone inside then Dre leaves the house jumps in his car and drives away. We all pile in (and oN) Freya’s car, a 57 chevy, to follow Dre. There was almost an incident with George following us but he remembered that he is forgetful.
Dre drives on belliview east near Yaya’s. We park nearby and sneaky sneaks sneak over to watch. Dre waits for us to follow and walks over to the side of the hotel and climbs up. Eli, John and I, Len climb up after to see Dre watching the Yaya’s across the way. Murph calls in a Hooter and tells it to watch. Freya walks into the lobby and talks to the attendant, takes a nibble. Ooma (sorry Uma not Ooma) Hatch hangs out at Yaya’s and sometimes walks over to the hotel. I check out Dre lady-man, he is pale Dark blue (suspicious vampire) no black veins…
Dre receives a text of unknown origin and heads for the stairs. I follow him down with John lagging behind while Eli rejoins Freya and Murph to visit the Yaya’s. Freya flirts with the door guards and gets inside. Uma walks in, Freya and Murph admire her hoohaas. Two-face muscle looks directly at sneaky Eli. Freya Dawn and Murph talk with Uma about jobs and watching and doing things. Dre grabs his car and leaves with John and Len attempting to steal a car and follow. The car already being uncovered of snow. Len picks the lock but then five vamps drop obfuscate and kick out the door knocking Len down. Combat ensues with three SUVs worth of baddies. Notable move: Old Grandma Freya bowls into two oblivious human baddies (who got taken out) while the rest step aside and ask what Grandma is doing. Freya awes the Lady Amisa mid combat (like a wombat). Questions are asked: Follower of Set, sent to follow us by her sire Kemintiri, haven located on 860 south Colorado boulevard.

Then more warping of space and time. Time pauses and space remains in place.

Oh yeah that riddle:
In a marble hall white as milk,
lined with skin as soft as silk.
Within a fountain crystal-clear,
a golden apple doth appear.
No doors there are to this stronghold,
yet thieves break in to steal its gold.



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