Denver by Night


First Episode "Via Eric Wong"

I wake in my apartment, envelope had been slid under the door.
“Miranda Sanova requests your presence in the Capital Building tonight.” Miranda Sanova is a Bruja Elder. Perhaps my reputation as an investigator is in play here?

I text our group, and we decide to meet at the usual spot to discuss this development. A bar, of course.

We decide to answer the summons and head for the capitol building. In walking around the Capitol Building, we notice we are being watched, followed. ____ uses that aura shit to determine that these were vampire hunters (human, hateful. So vamp hunters, of course).
I called an Owl to keep watch, and let me know if they move closer.

After watching the building for a while, we decide to walk around back. At one of the doors were two burly guards. Simply showing them the invite did absolutely nothing. They denied us entrance, saying we could have forged it. Perhaps we need to gain entrance to prove some minimal standard of worthiness?

So, others tried the mental approach and proceeded to Awe or Presence or whatever you mind-fuck types do. In we went. Hmmm, maybe that stuff isn’t so stupid after all. Nah, claws are always better.

After a long, long wait, we meet Miranda Sanova…. timeliness isn’t her strong point.
She notes that significant vamps were killed recently by being drained of blood, presumably diablerized, in the same area near Tamarac Square.
One was the son of the Prince, Gideon Fontaine. That can’t be good.
The other was Delilah Easton, who’s position I can’t remember.
Miranda is also concerned about her child, Drey.
Drey has a haven near Fitzsimons. She gives us some general info to find it. Sounds like she doesn’t even know exactly where he hangs out any more.

We depart and drive in two cars to the Fitszimons area via I-225.
We are attacked on I-225 by the vamp hunters. I knew we should have gutted those slugs back at the Capitol.

They attempt to drive us off the road. We take evasive manuevers… ah shit, no we don’t. We just slam on the brakes. What the fuck. Big 11 car pileup. Now for some fun.
(cool moment, I leaped out of the car onto one of the bad guys’ cars, popping my claws out, and ripped the entire windshield off with an Exceptional Success) Then killed both guys in the front seat. Easy pickens.

My buddies mop up the rest, including one tough guy who lasts more than one hit. Don’t feel nothin’ for him, though. He’s still a scumbag. And dead.
Cops are on the way, better bug out.

After searching around the Fitzsimons area, we find that a lot of docs are purchasing street drugs. Go figure. And I trusted those doctor types once up on a time. Oh well. We ask a dealer about Drey and he says yes Drey sells drugs around here. Even gave us an address, 1514 Peoria. We walk to the address and ditch the cars. Cops in the area and not going away.

I think it’s about midnight by now.

At the address we find 3 guys on the porch smoking, while waiting for Drey to return. We make nicey nicey with them and wait for Drey to come back. When he does, he has a bad attitude. No shit, here are a bunch of strangers on his lawn. I’d be pissy with me too. We tell him why we are there, and that Miranda summoned him with no response. Douchebag claims he was never summoned.

I text Michael (Miranda’s assistnat) with the info. We walk away but send Ken and Ethan back while Obfuscated to watch the house. Text comes back a while later, “Bullshit. Watch him.”. I reply, “Watching.”

We are watching. We are Watchers.

End of Session.



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